Success Strategies

"As a patient and physical therapist myself, I cannot recommend Lizanne's work enough.
She is both competent and kind, and her treatments make a real and immediate difference in my life."

~JHL, Ph.D, and PT, San Francisco, CA

Sonoma Pelvic Physical Therapy has 4 Guiding Tenets

1. We look beyond and behind the problem to find the source or “root” of your issue.

  • This means that the symptom you come in for may be driven by something else that needs to be discovered and treated.

2. You play an active role in your own treatment~we teach you how to listen to your body. 

  • From the beginning we create a program that you participate in, but more than that, we want you to learn how to respond to your body’s cues. Our bodies want to heal. We just need to listen.

3. Your session at Sonoma Pelvic Physical Therapy will be unique from anyone else’s.  No cookie-cutter protocols. 

  • Two people may each have the same problem, but the reasons for the problem may differ greatly and require completely different treatment approaches, or the individuals' learning styles, personalities, abilities, & stressors may require a completely different type of treatment approach.

4. We employ a “whole body” approach using a bio-psycho-social-environmental model.

  • We want to know about your anxieties, fears, stress level, fatigue, home or social constraints, or anything else that might affect your healing.  Complex cases often need a team approach and Lizanne can also help you identify other practitioners to participate in your care.

We also...

  • Maintain that the client is the most important member of the health care team.
  • Establish treatment goals and plans with 100% client involvement.
  • Provide longer sessions than most other PT's to promote a close relationship and collaborative effort toward resolving clients' problems and concerns.
  • Treat every client without the use of aides or assistants.
  • Work at the cutting edge of evidence-based research practices in manual therapy and pain management for the treatment of pain and loss of function.
  • Enhance traditional physical therapy skills with skilled manual therapy and neuro-muscular re-education techniques.
  • Integrate training in Somatic Psychology, the link between body and mind, in most physical therapy sessions.

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